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Not What I Should Be Doing

not even at all

Fanfiction Info
If you've come here looking for Fallout or "Serpents," they've moved! From here on out, all updates will be posted in bookishy_fic, so feel free to add and follow. 

TVD Finale Thoughts
Damon fangs
So I went to thunderemerald s to watch the finale of TVD, and she has a cat roommate named Betty who normally is just like “Eh! You are a person, made of no more food than the usual” but for some reason that night she could not stop draping herself over my lap in odd positions. Don’t get me wrong, I was deliriously pleased to be the Chosen Lap, but I could not figure out what had changed. Then I realized that Betty was probably picking up on my extreme agitation pre-finale due to the fact that it had the power to ruin my equilibrium for the whole summer, and she was like “This chick needs a weighted blanket, stat, or we are in trouble.” BUT BETTY, I DIDN’T EVEN NEED A WEIGHTED BLANKET because things mostly went my way, and I left that apartment a happy, furry-lapped woman.

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My nerd version of fantasy football
TV Rubbish
I'm not going to write about Vampire Diaries until the season finale airs on Thursday, because I don't think we're going to have a clear idea of what story they are telling until that point, and only then can I  decide whether or not I want to set that story on fire. Here, I wrote a poem:

so much depends

the dumb sire

being prooved moot

as Stefan cries
in the road

As I wait, however, I have been doing my usual thing of obsessively following TV pilot news, something I've been doing ever since my intense obsession with Veronica Mars and its fate led me to learn more about the industry side of things than anyone not involved in said industry probably needs to know. Now, in addition to representing Season Finale Season and "Is My Show Cancelled?" season, May is "Learn About All the New Shows That Are Coming" season, and that helps mitigate the potential sting of the former two. The upfront presentations (aka, when the big networks present their official Fall Schedules) are being held next week in NYC, most of the networks have announced what pilots they are picking up.

This year there's a record number of 44 new network shows, as last year's season was kind of a dud as far as launching new series went, and networks are scrambling to find a big phenomenon show to help take over when a lot of their aging players end. The only freshman show I watch regularly is The Mindy Project (improving every week!), and I've been saving the second halves of Elementary and Nashville for the summer. Most of the networks only had one or two freshman survivors, which is, frankly, quite pitiful. This season's crop is more intriguing than last year's at least, so I'm at least hoping that there's a new favorite in the bunch.

This is my favorite list of pilots, helpfully color coded so you can see what was picked up and what was passed on (sigh). A few are still up in the air or being shopped around to second networks, but I think what's green is green, and what's white is probably a long shot at this point (if it's on one of the big five networks--cable networks have their own timeline for picking up/rejecting) Of these, here are the ones that I'm most intrigued by, or will watch for a few episodes because favored actor/actress (or in some cases, favored writer/creator) is involved.

Starting with The CW, because at heart I am sixteen and wondering when the fuck that cute guy from biology will notice me. I imagine it's gonna take a while yet, as I never go to class, am not enrolled in high school, and will soon be visibly pregnant. Also, I am 30. #lovewillfindaway

Also, I have better photos for some than others, so no judging. More will probably be available next week, but today is the day I've had coffee, so there you go.

I'm sorry the font is so weird.

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Other networks to follow, because LJ seems to think I have written *too much*

Come look at my special pillow project. What?
I Almost Lost my Mind
Disclaimer: I am all a-goggle with emotions about TVD. BUT WHAT ARE THEY? Seriously, I don’t even know how to quantify them anymore. I feel like I just need an emotion chart so I can point at a spot somewhere between the “Horrified,” “Nervous,” “Angry,” and “Excited” faces. Or, if anyone has spotted my true feelings running around his or her neighborhood, can you please return them to me at P.O. Box Whaaaaaa? They should be micro-chipped.

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TVD - 4x18 - "American Gothic"
Katherine Mouse
I have had such a productive morning, if we're going by fandom participation and not job participation.Collapse )

TVD - 4x17: Because the night belongs to ladies
Elena match

Short reaction post, because I am not quite sure how I feel about this episode. Sort of like after I take Sudafed to help kick the monster cold I've had all week and am left lying in bed going:  "My arms feel bubbly. Do I like it? Do I hate it? Do I think maybe they are birds?" (Note to self: stop taking Sudafed and hallucinating).

Merp.Collapse )These are really not intelligent thouhtsCollapse )

TVD - 4x16 "Bring it On" - stop calling, stop calling, I don't want to think anymore
Elena match
This episode was terrifying. But also kind of wonderful. But mostly terrifying. And it inspired a lot of unexpected anti-shipper feelings and fantasies in me where Elena just tells eerrrrebody to go screw themselves and steals Damon’s Camaro to go on a cross-country ribbon stealing spree. She will not be denied ribbons any longer, guys!  What, she’s just supposed to use a hair band? Fools! Hair bands are for ladies with emotions.
A part of me thinks that being emotion-less is just like being a walking Lady Gaga songCollapse )

TVD - 4x15 "Stand By Me" - she's a mad man with a mad plan, and she's standing outside the door
Katherine Mouse
I'm still all feelings and no brain when it comes to this episode, so I should probably have held off on writing this until after the Perspective Fairy came to bop me on the head, but I do stupid things sometimes. Also, it is Saturday and the other thing I have to do today is cleaning my house so the people coming over tomorrow for Oscar Party fun-times do not report me to the authorities for gross laundry negligence. I can never go back to that jail, guys. It will break me.

Anyway. There is this show that I watch and it kind of loves me, but only shows it by being mean, and will only hug me after I stumble out of the woods all brainwashed. Our love. *single tear*

I would like some island herbs and berries for my brain, pleaseCollapse )

TVD - 4x14 "Down the Rabbit Hole"
I Almost Lost my Mind
Hi guys. How are we all feeling today? I know this is kind of belated, but I got you this Vampire Diaries- themed box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day.

I wish it were real, to be honest Collapse )

TVD - 4x13 - "Into the Wild" or "Oh Look, A Cave"
Damon in the Dark

Not quite sure what I think about this episode. Liked parts of it—bet you can’t guess which ones, lol—but spent a lot of other parts going: “Why are we still in a cave? Why does no one seem to really care that Jeremy has been kidnapped by the First Slayer? Is the name of this island actually Exposition Island? Did Bonnie skip the day where everyone learned about preventing forest fires?” (Follow-up question: How does Smokey the Bear feel about magic fires?)

I kept looking for polar bears Collapse )

Anyhoo, this felt like a set-up episode for what’s to come, and I am still very intrigued to see where it goes. I have just gotten an email that says we can leave the office because of Blizzard Nemo, otherwise I would probably keep writing